Marketing Automation

Great Bridge Software LLC has partnered with Revenue Automation to offer the most advanced full-service digital marketing services available today, utilizing Acoustic Marketing Cloud (formerly IBM Watson Marketing).

We build advanced marketing campaigns to engage with your customers by providing:

  • Full-Service Campaign Management Services (email and marketing automation)
  • Data/CRM Integration Services/Platform Transition Support
  • Targeted Direct Mail
  • Onboarding/Deliverability/Strategy/Insights/Advance Reporting
  • Content Creation and Creative Design (responsive design development for the WCA)

Why Partner with Revenue Automation?

  • They have been an Acoustic/IBM/Silverpop partner for 10 years
  • They have extensive experience servicing retail, technology and financial service sectors
  • All of their execution team is IMC Professional Certified

Acoustic Key Capabilities

  • Open Data Ecosystem
    • Full suite of API's to integrate data from 3rd party platforms and custom POS
    • Prebuilt, user friendly data connections to dozens of the biggest marketing tools through Acoustic Exchange
    • Real time communication to increase customer reviews and gather post purchase survey data
    • Connect to your Social Media campaigns and platforms for cross channel marketing
    • Connect Weather Forecasts by zip code for weather triggered campaigns (WeatherFX)
    • Export granular reporting data via API for more advanced BI, attribution and analytics
  • Advanced Segmentation, 1 to 1 Personalization and Reporting
    • Create granular segments using Acoustic's query engine. Leverage customer purchase data, behavioral data, website engagement, cross channel engagement and more
    • Personalize messages with data from customer records and even specific purchase history for targeted upsells or service notifictions
    • Deliver offers with dynamically populated, customer specific subject lines, copy, images and personalized links using Acoustic's query based Dynamic Content
    • Trigger timely emails based on user actions, customer data, scoring models, Acoustic's Send Time Optimization capabilities, or even customer location* (*requires mobile app integration)
    • Multiple levels of contact suppression to manage contact fatigue and communication hierarchies
  • Complex, multi-channel automation to drive effective and efficient campaigns
    • Acoustic programs integrate email, SMS, Push and Social Media into a single customer journey to allow for customer's individual preferences as well as cross channel re-marketing
    • Abandon Browse programs and Lapsed/Lost retention programs to decrease customer churn and increase CLTV
    • Interactive campaigns that send different communications based on customer's interactions with previous communications
    • Granular reporting capabilities to track attribution and ROI
    • Integrated reporting and customerr profiles to give 360-degree view of individual customers
    • Built in A/B/n testing capabilities to optimize campaigns for continuous improvement
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